Dalam pada ramai yang sibuk dengan #10yearschallenge, posting isteri kesayangan, Noh Hujan Mizz Nina di laman Instagramnya begitu menyentuh perasaan. Melalui perkongsiannya itu, Mizz Nina berkongsi perubahan hidupnya  sejak 10 tahun lepas.

Ujar Nina, pada tahun 2009 dia tidak mengenali (huruf) Alif Ba Ta dan hanya menghafal surah Al-Fatihah dan tiga Qul.

“2009, saya masih tak tahu Alif Ba Ta, hanya menghafal surah Al-Fatihah dan tiga Qul. Saya mula belajar pada usia 33 tahun. Tak pernah terbayangkan, saya berubah luaran dan dalaman, Allah menunjukkan jalan untuk saya mempraktikkan Islam,” ujar Nina.



Tambah Nina lagi, dia kini sedang mengikuti diploma Ta’leem Al-Quran, berdakwah dan memberikan ceramah. Walau bagaimanapun Nina tidak memuat naik semula fotonya yang tidak berhijab ketika tahun 2009.


“Pada tahun 2009, saya berusia 29 tahun, solo dan fokus pada kerjaya. Saya hampir berputus asa untuk mencari pasangan hidup tetapi pada hujung tahun itu saya dipertemukan dengan suami saya,” tambahnya.

Pesan Nina lagi, masih tidak terlambat untuk belajar membaca Al-Quran dan mendekatkan diri dengan Pencipta. Semoga dengan perkongsian dari Mizz Nina ini dapat kita menjaga hubungan dengan Allah. Inshaallah.

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I don’t have pictures I can share from 10 years ago, since I was not wearing the hijab then ? As I was having my online class session last night, we were having a discussion about the #10yearchallenge and how, profound it is, if we reflect on our inner state, our faith and how we have grown as individuals. •••••••••••••••••••• In 2009, I was 29 years old, single and super focused on my solo career. I had given up on looking for a spouse and all my energy was put into performance training. Little did I know I was going to meet my to be husband at the end of 2009. Alhamdulilah, Allah united us and we married soon after. Dua’s do come true! My faith, at this time was slowly growing, since my brother had passed on 2 years earlier, I could feel it had a huge effect on my heart. Although I did not pray 5x a day, I did not close that door and connection to Allah. My advice, for those who are struggling with prayers, to just pray, even if it is 1x a day, keep going and do it for Allah, & 1 day, you will find yourself fulfilling all the obligations & even more inshaAllah❤️ My life was, all about my career, dunya & my faith, even though it may not be apparent, it was there. I was not as lost as I used to be esp in my late teens & early 20’s ? but, I was still on the way to the main straight road. Alhamdulilah. Lesson :- Do not judge other people & the state of their heart! You probably had no idea that I was struggling within to be a better person, a better muslim. Encouragement is key ? 2009 :- I still did not know how to read Alif Ba Ta. I only memorized Al-Fatihah & 3 Qul. ? I only started learning to read at 33. SubanAllah! Never would I have imagined, I would be in a totally different space 2day internally & externally, Allah guided me back to practicing Islam & now I’m studying a Ta’leem Al- Quran diploma course, doing da’wah & talks. SubhanAllah. Alhamdulilah for these blessings! Lesson :- it is never too late to learn the Quran! U need to be determined to make that change & effort for Allah❤️ Aloooot has changed and I pray that Allah will continue to guide us on the straight path and up the ladder of self improvement for life in dunya & akhirah Ameen.

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